About Us
Sure, we all know that prevention is better than cure.
So how come we don’t do something about it ?

Your good health is the foundation on which you can live life fully. It allows you to explore your dreams, and discover your potential ! Strangely, it is this critical foundation of personal health, that is almost always neglected. There is always a good reason, there is always something else more urgent that requires immediate attention. Decide to change that, today ! Your health comes first !

Preventive healthcare is choosing to embrace life

A nutritious, balanced diet. Regular exercise. Adequate rest and sleep. A check on stress. And a generally healthy lifestyle. Get these in place, and you'll find a profound shift in your general outlook. You'll literally come alive !

It usually takes illness in some form, to get people aware of the importance of being in good health. No matter what your motivation, a decision to be healthy, is a decision to embrace life.

The first step is to take stock of your current health, and to get expert medical counsel on your personalised wellness regimen. The next step is tougher, and requires far more effort and commitment. You will need to implement your personalised wellness regimen. Call DOC to get you started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Progressive organisations realise that healthy teams dramatically increase operating profits

Research shows a strong correlation between a healthy work force and phenomenal gains in productivity, reduced errors at work, and sharp drops in absenteeism. Discover first rate healthcare at affordable rates. Progressive nationalised banks with thousands of employees, and leading corporate houses, leave it to DOC.

DOC Medical Services delivers comprehensive preventive healthcare at DOC centres, at your work place, and even at your home !